Makes Professional Networking a Breeze

Induce will help you to find a precise match of expertise to gain accurate insights. Customers will be able to connect with industry experts.

Will Turn Meeting Into Fascinating Experience

Your network is your net worth. Induce will be enriched with so many outstanding features & helping to turn your meetings into meaningful experiences. Users will be able to schedule unforgettable meetings.

Trust and Transparency

Transparency helps to earn people’s trust. Induce is for face-to-face interaction and remote meetings, making everything transparent for every user.

Cool Things You Should Know About Induce

Induce is a powerful platform for everyone - who is willing to expand their business network, or wanna meet a new person for a special purpose. It’ll be for face-to-face interaction and remote meetings.
  • Authenticate Profiles
  • Excellent User Support
  • Quick Meeting Schedule
  • Profile Personalization
  • In-app Messaging
  • Calendar Integration
  • Video & In-Person Meet
User Friendly Interface

It is designed to keep you in mind. Build your
connections & Advertise your expertise.


Is Induce meant for professional networking only?

Induce can be used for anything, from professional networking to person meet up to gain any expertise.

Which features are available in the Induce?

The main features like the meeting schedule, video call, calendar, payment etc. are available in the Induce.

Can we schedule a meeting via Video mode or something else?

Induce will provide you - 1) Video 2) In-personal meet facilities. You can schedule a meeting accordingly.

How can I modify the information implemented into my app?

You can amend all information by yourself as many times as you need. You can ask for support as well.

Can I send messages to people to whom I want to meet?

You can send messages just before the meeting to start the meeting.

Is this chargeable?

Yes, you have to pay a very minimal amount to respect others time.
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Britton Garnjost (Founder & CEO)

Why induce?

Everyone desires connections for one reason or another. Various tools and apps have been created to help people realize those connections, and in doing so have exposed time wasters and other barriers to real life meeting. Induce offers a recourse by encouraging people to offer a respectful inducement (a token amount of money) to show value for each other’s time.

The idea for Induce manifested in a conversation about experiences with online dating… why I would meet some people and not others, and numerous stories of time wasted or being stood up. The conversation turned to similar barriers when networking, doing business, or seeking advice. We found an answer to these obstacles in polite society: never show up empty handed. Show someone you appreciate their time with a small monetary token. Grab attention by “putting a few chips on the table.” Inducement shows prospective connections you are serious, sophisticated, and courteous. Join the Induce community, where everyone’s time is valuable.”

Britton Garnjost (Founder & CEO) Britton has been an educator and activist in urban school settings for 15 years. While teaching, she has engaged in multiple entrepreneurial endeavors, and launched AppGirl 322, LLC to bring apps to market that will positively impact individuals and communities.

Derek Bailey (Founder & Board Member) Derek is a serial entrepreneur / business investor, with 40 years of startup launch and exit experience. Derek co-founded WolvertonBailey, the inventor of the patented Proteus supercharger technology, founded Derek Automotive Technologies, the nation’s first minority-owned electric car manufacturer, along with successful exits from other firms in the fields of HR services, and digital marketing.


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