Frequently Asked Questions

How can I modify the information implemented into my app?

You can amend all information by yourself as many times as you need. You can ask for support as well.

Is Induce meant for professional networking only?

Induce can be used for anything, from professional networking to person meet up to gain any expertise.

Can we schedule a meeting via Video mode or something else?

Induce will provide you - 1) Video 2) In-personal meet facilities. You can schedule a meeting accordingly.

Can I send messages to people to whom I want to meet?

You can send messages just before the meeting to start the meeting.

Which features are available in the Induce?

The main features like the meeting schedule, video call, calendar, payment etc. are available in the Induce.

Is this chargeable?

Yes, you have to pay a very minimal amount to respect others time.

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